heart doctor Beverly Hills - Early Detection Is Key to Survival

Many people suffer from all types of diseases.  A common disease that many older adults face is heart disease.  It is known as a universal disease because it is widespread and affects both men and women.  Your primary doctor may suggest you see heart doctor Beverly Hills, if you are constantly experiencing shortness of breath, dizziness, fatigue, and/or chest discomfort.  Seeing a board licensed Los Angeles cardiologist may save your life.  Early detection is key to a successful recovery.  You may want to start off seeing your primary physician to determine your health condition.  Your primary doctor may recommend you to see a cardiologist if he or she considers the disease to be a heart-related disease.  There are many reasons why your primary doctor may want you to see a heart doctor.  A qualified heart doctor will be able to run some tests to screen for a possible heart condition and find out what may be causing your heart problems.  A cardiologist will run a number of screening tests to determine the type of disease.  For instance, they may run a stress test or echocardiogram, which utilizes an ultrasound to examine the heart.  During your consultation with a cardiologist, a proper diagnosis will be performed.  This diagnosis will determine whether you will need further assistance and treatment.
Depending on your symptoms, your cardiologist will determine what medication you may need and the procedure you might have to undergo.  It is highly recommended that you visit a cardiologist if you are experiencing shortness of breath from physical activities like exercise or even from simple tasks, like walking.  There are a few signs that you must be aware of in order to find out whether you may want to see a cardiologist.  For instance, arrhythmia is a common heart problem that many people may not even pay attention to or altogether ignore.  Arrhythmia Los Angeles is a heart problem that is detected by one’s heart rate.  During arrhythmia, one’s heart irregular beats; either too slow or too fast.  Although most arrhythmias are considered harmless, we cannot assume that our condition is minor.  Some arrhythmias can be life threatening and may lead to major heart diseases mainly because of lack of blood flow.  Typically those diagnosed with arrhythmia have difficulty breathing even when the body is at rest.  A visit with cardiologist will be beneficial to your health because they can tell you exactly what is going on.  Basically, Los Angeles cardiologist will inform patients, suffering from arrhythmias, that early detection can save not only your heart but also prevent damage to your brain and other organs.  Essentially, visiting your health care provider will ease your mind and heart.

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